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All schools use technology, it determines how both students and parents reach and interact with your school and the curriculum and it is integral to driving education.

Here at NETbuilder we see the value of technology and understand that it is as important, if not more important, than your other utilities.

That's why we are able to provide a range of financial leasing options that will enable your school to fund the latest EdTech, whether Interactive Panels, Desktop Computers, iPads or Infrastructure upgrades such as CCTV, Data Cabling and Wireless Access Points.

We have worked in the public sector for over 30 years and have witnessed the funding for Technology in Education decrease drastically year on year.

We know the importance of keeping technology in the classroom up-to-date and the benefits that can be demonstrated within the curriculum delivery.

We are now able to provide leasing agreements to all of our customers, with an Operating Lease being designed specifically for Education.

This allows you, the school, to fund the latest EdTech, including; Interactive Panels, Servers, Desktops/Laptops and even network equipment such as Wireless Access Points or CCTV. Allowing you to avoid large spends of CapEx, spreading the cost of those larger purchases but getting the equipment immediately.

Clear Asset finances a wide variety of capital equipment across all market sectors. There is no asset we won't consider from tangibles to intangibles, even 100% software. The Clear team has a wide breadth of experience waiting to be utilised, all we need is you and your classroom.

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