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NETbuilder has delivered digital transformation programmes, trading applications and integration projects for some of the world's biggest banks.

The Financial Services Sector is experiencing an industry-wide Digital Transformation. New and emerging technologies are being developed and are necessary to restructure organisations, upgrade core systems, reduce operating costs, improve risk control, streamline customer acquisition, and optimise end-to-end user experience. The adoption of an Open API strategy has simplified the collection and sharing of data, generating new insights into the industry, uncovering the value of digital assets and customer data. With the focus on Digital Transformation and Open Banking, there has been an amplification for the requirement of financial institutions to ensure that data, funds, and core banking systems are protected, so that the industry can explore innovation in a secure environment.

NETbuilder are uniquely placed within the markets to assist with all aspects of your Digital Transformation journey. NETbuilder have a rich 20-year pedigree, delivering strategic programmes and workstreams for many of the world's largest financial institutions including HSBC, Investec Bank and Money Supermarket to name a few.

Our pedigree includes:

  • Digital Transformation and Delivery

  • Cloud Migration Strategy and Delivery

  • Customer Journey, Experience Management and Conversational Solutions

  • Endpoint Management and Cyber Security Solutions

  • Infrastructure Automation and Continuous Integration

  • Predictive Service Intelligence Monitoring and Reporting

  • Commercial Performance Monitoring

  • Real-Time Cloud and On-Premise Platform Monitoring and System Alerting

  • Global Service Level Performance Alerting

  • Global Security Threat and Posture Monitoring

  • IT Risk and Compliance Audit Solutions

  • Application Performance Monitoring

  • User and Event Behaviour Analytics - insider threat detection, targeted attack analysis, financial fraud and anti-money laundering.

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