We believe in demonstrating our commitment to continual improvement through the implementation of our Integrated Management Systems, compliant with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001.

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Cert No. 12271

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Cert No. 12271

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NETbuilder offer a range of products and services aligned to the needs of public sector organisations.

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"It's a really paradoxical thing. We want to think big, but start small. And then scale fast. People think about trying to build the next Facebook as trying to start where Facebook is today, as a major global presence." - Eric Ries 
We follow a pragmatic phasing delivery approach supported by a continuous culture of iterative improvements to drive business value and maturity for multi-solution initiatives and transformation programs success. 
Our clients come from different horizons and start at different digital maturity levels. To best answer their respective business problems we propose industry solutions that match their needs, organised in three levels of maturity: Foundational, Growth or Mastery. Our Foundational clients are most likely undertaking their first steps beyond a simple website, or wisely building the technology platform for web re-platforming or full digital transformation. On the contrary our Growth clients already have put the basics in place, and are hitting their stride with initiatives that set them apart from competitors, and generate attractive financial and loyalty returns on investment. Last but not least, our Mastery clients rank among the world's leading exponents of digital practice, and are focused on integrating across multiple domains of data and experience, and profiting from their transformation. 
To accommodate every need, our approach reflects the key stages of change our clients go through as they transform their IT and digital estate. And our structure enables us to provide the best and most appropriate support and advise at every stage of the journey. This is underpinned by three fundamental drivers, a transformational mindset and a culture of continuous improvement. 
Seeing is believing, so identify your first initiative, deliver it quickly with a short time-to-market, demonstrate how true Business & IT collaboration can unleash innovation, and create the wow effect that will impress your peers and generate instant buy-in. 
Next, establish the right architecture, the right operating model, the right roadmap and a sourcing strategy so you can on-board the right talent and capabilities quickly and deliver always more initiatives. Make sure you think agile delivery, continuous improvements - with re-usability and best practices principles always in mind - and rapid teams and rapid iterations in order to modernise your core systems and processes and start accelerating your journey. 
And this is not over, keep improving governance at multiple levels and working to reach higher maturity across relevant business dimensions, align solutions, projects, process and people properly and take time to regularly understand your best next move to achieve higher maturity faster while focusing on transferring knowledge and success outcomes down to BAU operations. It will then be time to build an Innovation Centre of Excellence that guides and supports larger scale and distributed initiatives.

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