Netbuilder have been helping our manufacturing customers manage and secure their networks for many years. Talk to us about how Industry 4.0 can bring competitive efficiencies and insights to your operations.

Manufacturing is an industry with mission-critical systems and complex processes and in an uncertain world manufacturers must focus on core competencies to remain competitive. As a Managed Service Provider, NETbuilder helps our customers to enhance productivity and efficiency with predictable costs, backed by advice and guidance on long term strategy.

4 ways NETbuilder helps our manufacturing clients:

• Planned and Predictable Expenditure

NETbuilder are well aware of all the factors required for successful IT implementation and can predict costs and help you plan your expenditure.

• Technology Implementation

Technology has a crucial role in ensuring companies remain competitive in an uncertain world. While the market presents multiple options, getting in the right technology at the right time and keeping it updated is vital for your company. Internal IT teams can do this but may not keep up with the pace of upgrades and technological advancements. Managing technology is our core business and we can help to ensure that the returns on your technology spend are maximised.

• Cybersecurity and Risk Management

Digital platforms bring you many opportunities to enhance your competitiveness around Industry 4.0, IoT (Internet of Things) cloud and communications, These technologies open an array of opportunities to explore your data's potential but may also expose your data to potential risk, if not implemented properly. Because of the high-value data they have in records, manufacturing is one of the prime targets for cybercriminals. NETbuilders ISO27001 certified managed service desk helps mitigate and reduce these risks.

• Compliance and Quality

NETbuilder can bring automation in compliance to measure, analyse, audit, capture store, and transmit customer data more securely.

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