Revolutionizing Tech: NETbuilder Reaches 100 Production Deployment Milestone With Cribl

NETbuilder, a leading provider of technology transformation solutions, is excited to announce a significant milestone: the completion of 100 successful deployments of Cribl Stream, Cribl Edge, and Cribl Search. This achievement underscores NETbuilder’s commitment to excellence and innovation in technology implementation.

“NETbuilder has been one of our strongest Professional Services partners over the last two and a half years,” said Zac Kilpatrick, Vice President of Global Channels and GTM Alliances at Cribl. “Their deep understanding of the ever-changing needs of our customers is critical, and their team continues to significantly boost utilization rates and ensure high levels of satisfaction among our largest customers.”

The NETbuilder Observability practice has experienced remarkable growth, expanding by 500%+ since its inception in 2021. Our list of current Observability technology vendors includes Cribl, Elastic, Crowdstrike Logscale, DataDog, Dynatrace, Databricks, Splunk and Exabeam, NETbuilder’s expertise in a wide range of other Technology platforms, such as AWS, Azure, GCP and ServiceNow, has been a significant benefit to many of these same clients across the globe. “The vast majority of our clients are Fortune 1000 and include some of the largest Financial, Retail, Telco, Pharmaceutical and Technology companies in the world. Together with Cribl, we have saved these clients tens of millions of dollars, increased efficiency and provided them with the flexibility to make informed decisions swiftly and effectively. Our wide range of expertise in Observability as well as dozens of other technology stacks has also been a significant benefit to both Cribl and our clients,” says Jim Mongillo, Chief Revenue Office at NETbuilder.

NETbuilder’s dedication to excellence is evident in its investment in training, boasting the most experienced, and largest Cribl practice globally. Additionally, NETbuilder stands out as one of the select certified, multi-skilled, and accredited companies specializing in Observability, Cybersecurity, Cloud, and Digital domains.