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Whether it's for general site security or a safeguarding requirement, a well planned and high quality CCTV system is essential. We have installed many small and large systems in a variety of locations and for a wide range of requirements. As a result of our lengthy experience we have selected two main CCTV suppliers; Hikvision and Bosch.


We'll review your current system or plan a new one. We'll ensure you cover all your vulnerabilities.


Create a central command centre for your security staff or simply give yourself access to your own system from anywhere, on any device.


Our cameras are of the highest quality, from SD, HD to UHD video quality playback on a range of IP or analogue systems.

  • What are you trying to protect? - is this a car, door, entrance, shop, car park, internal, external etc
  • Do you require day and night operation I.e PIR capable camera?
  • Are you looking for prevention or detection - I.e deter or catch in the act?
  • What quality are you looking for? - a) fairly low (analogue cameras operate at 600 lines resolution), b) good (HD ready at 720p) or c) very good (IP HD quality 2Mpixel to 5Mpixel), d) Extremely good (IP HD 4K/8Mpixel)
  • Do you have a security guard function capable of monitoring live footage?
  • Do you require a standalone monitor/s?
  • Do you require system access and control via PC/Laptop/Smart Phone?
  • Do you have a legal requirement to operate and manage a CCTV system?
  • What CCTV signage are you legally obliged to display?
  • How long do you need to keep your recorded data? This determines the size of the hard disk drive in Terabytes.
  • Do you require the ability to capture and analyse vehicle number plates?

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