As technologies increasingly converge onto a single IP-based network it is becoming increasingly common for organisations to be vulnerable to security breaches from internal and external threats.Most networks have evolved over a period of time housing a mixture of technologies and vendors across both legacy and current networking devices and software. For this reason alone organisations need to formulate an inventory of their network in order to understand the complexities surrounding the security of their business systems. This audit provides the foundations for future network expansion and should be constantly reviewed and updated. A s part of any unified network it is important to have a network security policy in place that identifies and mitigates any form of attack or disruption to a business whilst conforming to privacy and legal compliances.NETbuilder has a team of security specialists with a broad range of knowledge across a wide range of network security areas. These include firewalls, VPN access, router & switch security and endpoint security all of which require the same high level of technical expertise and industry knowledge.