Procurement and Benchmarking

NETbuilder has significant experience in attaining fair market value for clients engaged in commercial negotiations on costs associated with the procurement of Enterprise IT systems and software solutions.The NETbuilder team are able to ensure that the client’s requirements are clearly defined enabling a basis to ensure that the client achieve a deal that is fit for purpose at a fair price.The Fair Market Value methodology developed by one of the founders has the following high level approach:

  • Commercial analysis of current position
  • Implementation of a Negotiation Plan
  • Contract negotiation
  • Contract award

The benefits to our customers of this phased approach in software license and service negotiation are:

  • Cost avoidance
  • Benchmarking
  • Licence flexibility
  • Alignment of implementation and roll out costs
  • Simplicity within the SLA
  • Transparency of cost
  • Sustainability and future proofing