Help Desk

Our technical services help desk is the hub of our support operation. From the helpdesk, we are able to track everything we do for our clients, prioritize the workload and provide detailed reporting.To demonstrate NETbuilder’s dedication to quality for all of our clients over the lifetime of their contracts we are certified against ISO9001 and ISO27001; Cert No. 9258. In addition we use ITIL best practice disciplines for Service Support and Service Delivery; this is detailed in Section 11 – CustomerAll incoming issues are routed through our central helpdesk and, if a solution cannot be immediately provided, escalated to the appropriate resource for resolution.

On-going Service Management

On-going Service Management will focus on providing the appropriate services to support:

  • Administrators
  • Viewers
  • Management (as escalation points, management reports, alerts etc)

On-going Service Management provides the following:

  • A Service Desk Function
  • A Monitoring Service and Proactive Management
  • Application Training
  • Reporting (standard reports, ad-hoc)
  • SLA Management
  • Service Governance

The Service Desk Function

The Service Desk function, which is part of Service Management, is the single contact-point for all calls.Its first function is to attempt to resolve the call at first level. If the Service Desk cannot solve the call then it is passed to 2nd line support, and where necessary 3rd line support. Tasks include handling calls and providing an interface for other services (see list above).Primary functions of the Service Desk include:

  • Incident (call) control: life-cycle management of all service requests
  • Communication: keeping the caller informed of progress