Enterprise Architecture

NETBuilder enterprise architecture consultants has a simple goal; to produce sustainable solutions for their clients that will improve effectiveness of your processes and reduce annual IT costs. The benefits of EAs are continually increasing with the rise of new technologies, that need to be successfully integrated into the organization’s strategy.The Open Group Architecture Framework, or TOGAF is an industry standard for the implementation of any IT system, with all Enterprise Architect consultants trained to provide a structured approach for our clients to successful organize and govern the implementation.  We will employ a conceptual framework that will ensure all the objectives for the system are met, with seamless integration into the organization.The benefits resulting from a well-engineered enterprise, with effective business processes and smooth information flow, are shown in efficiency, satisfaction and service, which result in greater profit for the organisation.

  • An efficient business is scalable allowing for greater expansion and rapid growth
  • An efficient Business is profitable due to lowers operating costs, better procurement, and a lower cost of ownership.
  • An efficient business is agile allowing for a better response to emerging market trends.  The workforce becomes more flexible and change management is easier to enforce.
  • An efficient business has lower risk.  Less complexity allows for greater options when introducing solutions reducing vender dependency