EMC Documentum

EMC Documentum is an industry leading enterprise content management system that distributes content throughout your organisation, whilst maintaining security and integrity.  Allowing your employees to have the information they need to work in a more efficient manner.

NETbuilder Documentum Consultants provide product expertise in all areas of content management.  NETbuilder service offerings begin with content strategies, retention policies and record management and development into transactional activities through BPM.  Offerings include full end to end document control from capture approaches and bulk loading to storage publishing.  NETbuilder ensures that the client requirements are met with solutions ranging from distributed content systems to web cloud based collaborations.

NETbuilder continues to offer administration and performance tuning throughout the lifecycle of the content management system. 

NETbuilder Documentum consultants will support your organisations implementation and delivery of Documentum Content Server as well as any other EMC Document product support including xCP.  NETbuilder Documentum consultants utilise open standards such as CMIS in order to deliver maximised returns integrating your content management systems into other business areas and systems.

NETbuilder Documentum Consultants come with end to end software delivery skills that allow them seamless integrate to all areas of your delivery team from systems design to acceptance testing including system administration and live service support.