DevOps is a concept that acts as bridge between software development and IT operations activity.

Thanks to our experience as both Consulting Company and Managed Services provider, we are aware that the different ‘mind set’ of development and operational teams often manifests itself as conflict and inefficiency.

Often the two team fall into different parts of a company’s organizational structure or in different geographic locations and still more frequently there is a mismatch in development and operational tooling and environment. All of this often ends up with duplicating work that was already done in previous environments with high risks to introduce or uncover new bugs.

With DevOps practices NETbuilder removes the technical barriers between teams, helping the business to achieve two strategic business qualities, business agility and IT alignment, regardless your organizational structure.

NETbuilder has proven capabilities in DevOps solutions design, build and integration with provisioning tools such as Vagrant and configuration management tools such as Puppet, Ansible and Chef.