Adobe AEM

NETbuilder provides professional consulting services and technical expertise within the rapidly developing AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) market. NETbuilder can provide support to organisations using AEM technologies at a variety of stages NETbuilder can provide innovative solutions for projects that are both mature and similarly for projects that are still within the initial planning and inception stages.

Consulting is divided into the following key AEM topics:

  1. Site Structure / Web Content Management
  2. Mobile Content Management
  3. Multinational / Multilingual Content Management
  4. Multi-Site / Multi Channel Management
  5. Digital Asset Management
  6. Marketing Campaign Management
  7. Adobe Test & Target Integration
  8. Adobe Search & Promote Integration
  9. Social Communities Integration
  10. Custom ComponentDevelopment
  11. Users / Groups / ACL
  12. Content Migration
  13. Replication Design
  14. Environment Configuration
  15. Custom Authentication Implementation (LDAP, ADFS, SAML, OAuth)
  16. 3rd Party Integration / Data Services Integration
  17. OSGi Services Development (SOA)
  18. Workflow Development
  19. Change Management
  20. AEM Developer Training

AEM consultants will support your organisation’s use of AEM within both the key areas outlined above and any project specific requirements. This full service engagement is supported by a variety of NETbuilder consultants including but not limited to: Business Analysts, Senior Developers, Technical Leads and, of course, AEM consultants. This intensive customer-oriented process allows NETbuilder to find the most suitable solutions for your organization and allows your stakeholders to de-risk and maximise the potential that can be gained from a large enterprise scale tool such as AEM.

In addition to the skills outlined above NETbuilder AEM consultants come from an extensive background in open source technology stacks, Java EE and enterprise web development.

NETbuilder is currently an Adobe Partner and has a track record of delivering high-quality world class projects which have served as a great asset to our customers - allowing them to achieve a real competitive edge within the Digital Marketing arena, rapidly reducing the time-to-market and inevitably yielding a higher ROI.